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We are proud to offer our clients


When you place an order you want more than just a machine shop to fulfill it.


You want a partner who's reputation is built around providing quality components 100% of the time.





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JW Bell Machine Shop works with the top aggregate equipment and parts suppliers in the world to provide great prices, quality and service.

Using our experience and expertise, alongside services as aggregate specialists, JW Bell offers specialized machine shop services for any type of business.


We pride ourselves on having the knowledge, expertise, and flexibility.  JW Bell knows that machine parts need specialized solutions to deliver the best efficency and results.

Capabilities of a
Machine Shop

When choosing between machine shops, you should first consider whether or not a candidate can complete a project successfully.


The machining vendor must produce cost-effective, quality parts that meet a project’s specifications, making equipment the first point of inquiry.


From there, explore the minimum and maximum part sizes that the shop can work with and their tolerance and precision capabilities. Additionally, examine their options for surface finishes and how much capacity they can handle if future plans include scaling up production.


A chosen machining partner should also provide quick-turn delivery and the ability to immediately source any necessary materials that they don’t keep in stock.



Our Machine Shop performs various repairs, manufacturing, and retrofits to large and small industrial equipment.

fixing or replacing gears, gearboxes, and speed reducers.


performing aggregate milling and manufacturing

rebuilding rotating equipment

expertise in painting

Is JWBell the right partner for you?

In addition to motors, JWB also offers machining services to clients who require product repair but do not own motors.


A wide range of projects of any size or complexity can be completed by our expert staff with expertise in machining, welding, and manufacturing engineering.


By utilizing our CNC Machines, we are able to produce individual parts as well as large runs of many parts, as well as:

  • CNC Machining

  • Fabricating Prototype & Production Machining

  • Machining of general and custom replacement parts

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Replacement and retrofit parts manufacturing

  • Paint Booth


High Precision Paint Booth

Our team is skilled at applying a variety of protective coatings and linings. They have extensive experience in commercial and industrial painting and media blasting.


When you entrust work to our machine shop team, you can look forward to enjoying all the benefits that you associate with the JWB:

Time and money-saving.

Proven solution-focused approach.

One source for your machine shop and other engineering services.

Over 100 years of engineering expertise.

Making the right choice when choosing a Machine Shop

Choosing one machine shop over another can seem cumbersome due to the multiple options available to one, which means it is impossible to make an informed decision.

At JWB, we understand that dilemma. Here, we hope to aid companies in asking the right questions about the shops they evaluate by exploring the different areas of machine shop operations. This information will facilitate an informed decision when selecting a machining vendor.

We will look first at the essential capabilities of a machine shop, followed by explaining the different aspects of quality to seek.


Finally, we will inventory the services a machine shop can offer and what to expect from that potential partnership.


Whenever you require machining services, get in touch with JW Bell Machine Shop.
Our team will be pleased to offer you a competitive quote.

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JW Bell Machine Shop 

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